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Episode 13 - "When we're sleep deprived, we don't know that we're sleep deprived!!"

October 31, 2022 Rachel & Sophie Season 1 Episode 13
The Mindset Map
Episode 13 - "When we're sleep deprived, we don't know that we're sleep deprived!!"
Show Notes

Yes your eyes and ears are not deceiving you!! We are BACK!!! With a full length episode!!! Thanks for bearing with us whilst we took a break over summer and then life took over for a while but better late then never, we are back and this episode is a cracker!! (If we do say so ourselves!!)

Today we chat all things sleep!! As Sophie says in the opening moments of this episode - "you never value your sleep until you become a parent!" As a parent of young children, sleep becomes probably the most talked about subject of your lives and all too often the focus of worries, stress, confusion and frustration. In this episode we lift the lid on this area; we share helpful tips without scare-mongering (including the recipe for the ultimate perfect nap!! Yes please!!), we discuss some of the science of sleep and share some of our sleep-deprived, early parenthood darker times! If you constantly feel like you're not getting enough sleep or you are fed up of feeling tired and groggy then I think you will love this episode!

During the episode, you will hear me reference some amazing books and a fascinating podcast interview so here are those links:

Book: When by Daniel Pink
Book: Why we sleep by Matthew Walker
Book: Life Time by Russell Foster
Podcast interview with Russell Foster on Feel Better, Live More

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