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"What would we have done without Judy Blume?!?"

May 27, 2022 Rachel & Sophie Season 1 Episode 12
The Mindset Map
"What would we have done without Judy Blume?!?"
Show Notes

Ah Judy Blume - we love you, we salute you and we thank you!!

In this episode of the Mums' Night Out Podcast we discuss all things female - from first periods to menopause and all things in-between!! (For clarification - we are most definitely not experts on this topic and everything that we share is purely our own opinions based on our personal experiences! If this discussion triggers you to have any concerns about any area of your own health, please don't suffer in silence, go and speak with your doctor or at the very least, confide in someone you trust!  Let's speak up about our health!

If you don't know what we are talking about when we refer to the Judy Blume books then, firstly, you must be younger than us!! Secondly, you have to check them out!

In this episode we touch briefly upon the scary rise of period poverty in this country. If you want to learn more about how you can help or you know someone who needs support in this area, I invite you to please check out The hygiene Bank who are doing incredible work supporting many vulnerable girls and women around the country.

If you enjoyed the information we shared from the work of neuroscientist Dr Lisa Mosconi then make sure you check out this fascinating episode of the Women of Impact podcast:

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