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Mums' Night Out Podcast Trailer

March 31, 2022 Rachel & Sophie
The Mindset Map
Mums' Night Out Podcast Trailer
Show Notes

Hey there busy Mum! I see you and I know how hectic your life can be but give me two minutes to introduce you to Mums' Night Out because I want to help you!

I know that Mum life can feel, at best, a glorious juggle and, at worst, overwhelming chaos! Mum’s Night Out is the podcast equivalent of a therapeutic catch-up with your girlfriends over a glass of wine (or two!!) 

I'm Rachel and as a fellow busy Mum and recovering people-pleaser I built the Mums Night Out community for you because I know you want a deeper connection with other Mums that goes beyond the school-gate chit-chat! The Mums Night Out Facebook group is a supportive and inspiring community to help you discover your true-self underneath the label of 'Mum'! Head to to get involved. 

The Mums' Night Out podcast has two episode formats - our full-length episodes are released every other week (usually!!) and I'm joined by my lovely friend and co-host Sophie where we get beyond the small-talk and chat everything from family life to friendships, work to wine, self-care to self-development, money to motivation, healthy(ish) eating to hobbies, love, life and everything in between! Every Tuesday morning I also release a quick coffee catch-up episode, a weekly thought from one Mum to another! A 5 minute episode to listen to whilst downing your coffee before the baby wakes up, or you have to start work or head out on the school run!

I know you'll love this podcast and you won't want to miss any episodes so make sure you hit that follow button! And to help other Mums discover it too, please consider leaving a rating and review on Apple podcasts.

If you love nothing more than a good old chat with your friends, putting the World to rights and sharing ideas then this podcast is for you! We don’t have all the answers, far from it, but we're not afraid to ask the questions and, just like any good night out with your Mum friends, where the chat goes nobody knows… So grab a glass of wine, stick in your headphones and let’s have a Mum’s Night Out...

If you'd like to connect with us on social media them come and follow us at @mumsnightoutpodcast over on Facebook or Instagram.

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You can also come over and join our growing community of like-minded Mums in our brand new Mums' Night Out Facebook group!